Presentation of Maître Eric MOUTET

Eric MOUTET took oath as a member of the Bar of Aix-en-Provence in 1997 after a degree(“DEA”)in EC and international law and a traineeship with foreign jurisdictions.

He runs a general practice portfolio, where he developed strong expertise in the field of medical law, in particular indemnity for personal injury and handicap. 

The human dimension of his practice – located in Aix-en-Provence within a structure comprising three lawyers - allows for an individualized handling of the Client’s matter - whether it concerns legal advice or conflict resolution.

Eric MOUTET represents his clients with courts of the whole French territory, including overseas districts - and can assist with cases pending abroad. He acts with civil, criminal, administrative as well as European jurisdictions.

He speaks English and co-operates with a network of sworn translators.


At the time of your first contact, you will receive thorough information as to the fees and costs related to any proceeding and the firm will contact your insurer on your behalf about possible coverage of your legal fees (“protection juridique”, if included in your insurance policy).

The fees invoiced by the firm can be determined according to different criteria :

  1. time spent on the matter,
  2. the result achieved, in which case the firm will suggest a Fee Agreement
    specifying the variable rate being adapted to the result achieved.a flat rate
    and a variable rate,
  3. A fixed rate, when possible, having regard to the characteristics of the matter